Integrated Facility Management

Integrated Facility Management

Improve Procurement Efficiency & Management of Services Across Your Entire Portfolio

How? By consolidating your building/property maintenance spending with East End Group.

East End Group offers true national facility services. Our professional staff and elite service partners are already in place and currently serves all areas of the United States. Additionally, our current coverage also extends to the rural communities; areas often overlooked by other service companies.

Our multi-service platform includes all the basic building and property maintenance services such as landscape, snow removal and janitorial. It also includes more than 25 additional services, such as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical.

 The combination of true national coverage and our wide range of services allows you to significantly improve procurement efficiency. Moving from a site or a regional model to a more comprehensive, nationwide, and multi-services model will reduce your total services spend.

Reduce Branch FM Cost: A 4-Step Process to Substantial Savings


Given the ongoing recession, cost reduction remains a key objective to virtually all organizations. Therefore reducing your annual facility management services cost is a necessity. Follow this 4-Step process and it will help you reduce your costs:

  • Costs are driven by your location unit count: reduce expenses by removing sold or closed units from your service contracts.
  • Move the vacant units to reduced scope service contracts which can save as much as 40% from normal full service contracts.
  • Conduct a “Value Engineering (VE) Analysis” on the scopes of service for the remaining operating units. This will allow you to save as much as 20% from your ongoing services spend.
  • Bundle FM services procurements, where practical (Example: Landscape with Snow Removal) to improve your procurement efficiency AND optimize your sourcing schedule to take advantage of seasonal buying cycles. The combination of these measures will result in significant FM spend reduction that you can maintain until business conditions warrant change.


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