Why Move Snow When You Can MELT It?

As innovators in the snow industry, and with
Snow Melters being in such high demand,
East End Group has added to our expanding
fleet two of the most technologically advanced
machines on the market today:
The Trecan 135-PD (the “Beast”) and the Snow Dragon SND900.

Check out this stunning video and the
enormity of their power!

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Listen to Ryan Dempsey, Managing Partner at East End Group discussing RFPs, & what to look for in a Snow Removal Partner amid COVID-19

Be prepared for winter, with a Winter Storm Management & Snow Removal Program from East End Group

Our people and equipment are always ready to tackle the tough northeast winters. We’re on call 24 hours a day, every day. No commercial job is too big. We always have up-to-the minute information on local weather conditions and will never leave you out in the cold when it comes to snow removal near you. 

Our business model is set to run at 70% capacity should the need arise for backup machinery, allowing us to service accounts mid-season when other contractors are overcommitted. 

Protect yourself and your property against fraudulent slip and fall claims

Each property we service is assigned a site-specific snow and ice removal plan. We track our vehicles and crews with GPS and documentation systems which mean slip and fall claims can be significantly reduced.

Plus Snow Team Members

Square Feet Under Contract

Types of Snow Removal Contracts We Offer 

Per Push

  • A push is defined as one clearing of the premises. Each push is an individual charge.
  • Per push plowing provides site specific storm planning by determining response protocols based on hours of business operation, providing “zero tolerance” services when crucially needed and saving cost during off hours.
  • De-icing is charged on a per application basis.
  • Bucket loaders will be used to stack and move snow if needed due to excessive and consecutive snow events in order to maintain safety and capacity of parking areas.
  • Additional services above and beyond assigned snow and ice response plan can be added or reviewed 24-hours real-time using the 24-hour hotline.

Per Event

  • An event is defined as a continuous storm within a 24-hour period. Each event is an individual charge. 
  • Per event service requires each site to have one or more pieces of equipment assigned specifically to that property. 
  • Larger properties need to limit exposure to liability by maintaining fire lanes and aisles passable at all times. Per event plowing prevents panic situations by staffing the proper equipment and personnel on or near site from storm start to storm end. 
  • De-icing is charged on a per application basis. 
  • Additional services above and beyond assigned snow and ice response plan can be added or reviewed 24-hours real-time using the 24-hour hotline. 

Seasonal (available as an option for all properties) 

  • A seasonal contract is a fixed price no matter how much or how little snow falls during the season. 

  • Seasonal contracts are based on a rule of averages in order to maintain consistent payments so owners, managers and tenants can project budgets. 

  • All plowing and de-icing services follow the protocol of the assigned snow and ice response plan. 

  • Additional services above and beyond assigned snow and ice response plan can be added or reviewed 24-hours real-time using the 24-hour hotline. 

Call For a Quote:

(631) 849-6464

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! LET IT MELT!

East End Group, a leading National Snow & Ice Management Company, has the most advanced technology in our cutting-edge snow melters: The Trecan 135-PD (the “Beast”) and the Snow Dragon SND900. These machines are high-capacity, efficient, mobile and quiet, designed for retail and commercial parking lot applications.

Due to development and environmental concerns, snow storage sites have become fewer and farther away. Melting snow onsite not only eliminates the need for snow storage land, it eliminates the need for large trucking projects, saving you money – often 25-35% versus trucking.

A few pretty impressive specs:

The Trecan 135-PD

24,000,000 BTU/Hour Output
Melts 135 Tons of Snow/Hour
540 Gallons/Minute Water Outflow

Snow Dragon SND900

9,000,000 BTU/Hour Output
Melts 40 Tons of Snow/Hour
130 Gallons/Minute Water Outflow

Additional Cost Saving Benefits 

  • Equipment mobility equals cost savings and efficiency 
  • Eliminates asphalt and concrete damaging convoys 
  • Eliminates snow piles on property, removing the need for de-icing due to freeze thaw 
  • Eliminates damage from snow piling on lawn areas and need for repairs in the spring 

Safety and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduces liability through much less equipment on site and on the road
  • Filters water and greatly reduces amount of pollutants entering storm drains by filtering out trash, sediment, chemicals, and debris before placing the much cleaner water in the storm water system.
  • Quiet operation – operates at less than 70 decibels, allowing for day and night service
  • Greatly reduces exhaust emissions by eliminating trucking convoys
  • Controls runoff and melting snow properly, directing it into the storm water system and not into lakes, rivers, and aquifers

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