With the cold months behind us, but the true warm months still ahead, East End Group is busy offering an array of our signature services related to both winter clean-up and spring prep. Winter can be a brutal time for properties, resulting in damage, dirt, and debris. East End Group offers the services your business needs to clean, repair, and restore your property as we move into the spring.

To ensure everything is accounted for, East End Group’s major post-winter service is to come and visually survey your property, checking for any and all damage incurred during winter. Damage found will be repaired or, if need be, replaced.

As a business that prides itself on planning, East End Group does internal assessment at the end of the season. Any equipment identified as being in need of repair will receive the servicing it needs, plows and blades are removed and stored, and proper maintenance is done to make certain all gear is prepped and ready for the year ahead.

East End Group also evaluates seasonal employees to determine who should be made a part of the permanent team. Optimizing the crew means our team is always prepared to meet our clients (your) needs.

East End Group offers site evaluations for clients during the pre-spring window. This differs from the post-winter survey in that these evaluations are focused largely on safety. Anything deemed hazardous will be restored and you will be informed of the overall safety of your property. From there, you can make the necessary decision about improvements to maximize the security of your site.

Should you find yourself in need of construction, pre-spring is the perfect time to bring those concerns to East End Group. New construction projects can be calendared and carried out during this season.

Pre-spring is an ideal time to address the array of services East End Group provides with our clients. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ needs are being met. For those in need of a new service line, we are happy to step in and help take on the assignment. East End Group is dedicated to meeting all your needs, and all clients, new or old, should feel comfortable requesting a new service.

Beautification is an important part of making an impression as a commercial property. At East End Group, we are proud of our work helping properties look their best. If your façade, entryway, or landscaping are in need of sprucing up, our team can come in to repair and/or further enhance your property. We are committed to bringing your vision to life. For touch ups, additions, or renovations of your landscaping, East End Group can provide lawn care, tree and shrubbery care, and irrigation, as well as planting, design, and installation.

Winter can be rough on buildings and walkways. From winter dirt and debris to last summer’s mossy build up, buildings can lose their luster and walkways over time. Our team can power wash the front of your property or walkway to bring them back to life. Power washing is a quick and effective way to rinse away the grime of winter.

This past winter was light, with minimal storms. The result – earlier blooms and warm weather settling in earlier than usual. But rest assured, East End Group keeps meticulous watch of the changing seasons to anticipate our clients’ needs. We are ready and eager to help with your post-winter and pre-spring prep!