With summer’s arrival on Long Island, East End Group has shifted to thinking about winter. Yes, you heard that correctly…winter. Preparation is key at East End Group. We know just how essential it is to be ready for any and all curveballs, and with northern Atlantic weather, there can be many. Guaranteeing your properties are kept beautiful and protected are our top priorities. Success [in keeping your land safe] is best achieved by our being planful. Year-round, we keep on top of the needs of our clients. Having all our bases covered means that when a brutal winter storm blows through anywhere in our coverage areas, East End Group is available to get the job done.

We prep ourselves so that we can prep you. The first day the thermometer reads 80 degrees, we reach out to our seasonal employees to confirm availability for the winter ahead. Knowing now who will be ready and able to work during the cold months allows us to begin filling in any open gaps in employment. Then we begin to convert our equipment for winter, getting our snow plows ready for major storms and precipitation. We administer tune-ups and repairs on all our snow equipment to mitigate breakdowns and ensure optimized results.

Next, we begin checking in with all of our current clients. We are happy to sit down with each one as soon as possible. During these conversations, East End Group listens to client concerns for the upcoming winter and offers the services we think will best suit these needs. We can renew old services and establish new service lines, as well. East End wants to ensure our clients not only know about but receive the depth and breadth of our services to aid in their smooth business processes.

For our new clients, now is the time to plot out and plan all seasonal work you may be considering. Even if you just began to partner with East End Group, having signed with us for your spring and summer contracts, we are happy to help you determine your needs for both autumn and winter care. Addressing the technical needs of your property at one time can save you from experiencing many stressful moments later. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your plan is in place and taken care of for the questionable winter months.

For those who like the whole year planned up front, we can discuss not only winter but all four seasons for the year ahead. East End Group helps you eliminate any stress you may have regarding addressing contracts. We are happy to plan as far ahead into the future as you need and/or want. At East End Group, our philosophy is that you can never be too planful.