With spring finally upon us, East End Group is ready to restore and beautify all of your commercial properties. The warmer weather brings people out and about more frequently, where the exterior of your land may be one of the first things they will see. Ensuring the foundations are stable and well-maintained with each turn of the season is essential to the longevity of your property. Trust East End Group to be your provider for these spring-cleaning needs and checkups.

During the spring, East End Group offers a variety of capital improvements for you to consider. The colder months can wreak havoc on your building and the land around it, leaving a sheen of dirt on structures and walkways. If your property is grimy from the harsh winter, East End Group can power wash not only the buildings, but the sidewalks on your land. If there is debris, including gum or cigarette butts, or a build-up of moss or mildew, our power washing service will wash it away. Maintaining a clean exterior makes your property appear welcoming and appealing to clients and all those who come by.

Along with cleaning up your property for spring, you may wish to beautify the land. East End Group offers this service as well. We will send professional landscapers to your site to determine the best plan for creating the result you want. Whether you have a specific vision or all you know you want is an enhanced curb appeal, East End Group will work with you to determine what floral layouts or general landscaping would be best suited to your land – all within a budget you approve. From there, we can arrange for the order of your flower beds, shrubbery, mulch, lawn, and even water basins and ponds. We then take care of the planting and maintenance, giving you all you need with one trusted partner. Your vision is our mission.

This is also the time for construction needs to be filed and met. Construction for improvements and/or repairs can both be dealt with during this time. If you are looking to expand and build out your property, or if there was any damage [cosmetic or structural] during the past few months, alert East End Group. We will help you with all phases of the project – from start to finish.

East End Group is your trusted one-stop for contractors and workmen teams. No need to worry about contacting multiple people for your construction job, East End will provide everyone and everything you need for the project. You can rest assured that we once you design plan is approved, we will provide the oversight and execution needed for a successful project completed in a timely fashion.

Make your property into the vision in your mind’s eye. With East End Group as your trusted source for construction and landscape design, your property will be everything you dreamed of. Remember, East End Group – where your vision is our mission .