As we’re halfway through the winter of 2023, now is the time to consider how you will tackle spring turnover. Here at East End Group, we supply all the necessary services to clean up after the winter months and usher your property into spring. If you’re business or property is located anywhere in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and now Philadelphia, East End Group is available to help ensure your spring turnover results in repairs of winter damage and property that looks clean, beautiful, and inviting.

Any and all property repairs can be handled by our team at East End Group. If your parking lot has suffered cracks, cuts, and/or potholes during the winter, we will patch and seal the area to ensure safety and ease. We offer asphalt sealcoating to help prevent these damages in the future. If your curbing or sidewalk has suffered any breaks, we are equipped to repair those, too. Furthermore, any signage or fencing damage can be stripped and redone. Regardless of how harsh the winter was, East End Group can manage any and all repairs to keep your business attractive and safe for staff and visitors.

To prepare your property for the warmer months, East End Group provides a full spring clean-up. Our spring clean-ups include the removal of weeds and debris like leaves, garbage, and branches. We clean gutters and arrange for any necessary repairs. A clogged gutter can slow or even halt drainage causing water and physical damage to your property. This preventative care may save you thousands down the line.

Pressure washing is a quick, effective way to clean your property after months of snow and dirt. If your property, fencing, and/or signage is looking a little dingy following the winter months, we can come to power wash away the grime. You’ll be thrilled at the ‘pick me up’ a power wash can give your property.

Our landscaping is a great service to consider during your spring turnover. For a complete makeover, we source and install any and all plants, basins, and retention ponds. We can mulch and fertilize, as well. Before any of these installations, however, we first help you design your lawn, ensuring each detail is to your liking. After installation, we maintain upkeep and manage all repairs. We provide a lawnmowing service for continual upkeep. Remember, your curb appeal is your first impression for prospective and current clients and customers. East End Group will help you put your best foot forward.

When you contract with East End Group, you’ll find we maintain an ongoing dialogue with you or your team lead. Ensuring you are happy with the work being done is essential to our corporate goals. During the clean-up, we will update you on the progress and where we are in the process. If you require further clean up or would like to expand the scope of work, we will be happy to create a new plan. In our experience, we have found this communication to be essential to a successful spring turnover.

Put new life back in your property. Contract with East End Group today to guarantee a thorough and quality spring turnover.

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