Using the services of East End Group has made it easier for our clients to get through the effects of harsh winters in throughout New York (Upstate, NYC, and Long Island), New Jersey, and Connecticut. Wild blizzards, ice storms, and below-freezing temperatures consistently hit our Tri-State region, but East End Group works hard to make it significantly easier for our clients to manage. The East End Group cuts no corners when tending to properties. We strive for impeccable quality of service in all areas – snow removal, de-icing, communication [before and during the work is done], and, of course, responsiveness in crisis.

In the event of snowfall, East End Group sends a team to remove the precipitation from the property. The equipment brought is always top of the market and high quality. Within the East End Group’s fleet, is the Trecan 135-PD, which melts up to 675 cubic yards of snow per hour. Additionally, there is the Snow Dragon SND900, which melts up to 300 cubic yards of snow per hour.

East End Group reaches out well in advance of any snowfall to alert our clients of what details are known about the storm and what clients should expect. In the hours leading up to the storm, we consistently update our liaisons with developments on the storm. With the unpredictability of storms, we hope to reassure our customers that our East End Group team will be quick to respond to any changes. Despite how the storm evolves, we will be able to adapt. Our goal is to keep our customers confident, even before the storm began, that their properties are in safe hands.

At this midway point in the winter season, you should be evaluating your satisfaction with your current provider.
Do you get regular updates from your provider or is your only communication a monthly invoice?
Does your provider discuss products and tools that will work best for your property?
Does your provider seem ready to handle the storms as they come in?
Is your property visited multiple times during a significant weather event or one-and-done?
How good a job is your current provider doing during each job?
Is your property free of damage from being serviced?
Do you feel confident that in the event of a storm, servicing your property is a priority?

Answer these questions, along with any others that speak to your specific property needs. When you consider your service provider, do you feel stressed, or do you feel as though you are protected?

If your gut is telling you that you deserve better, you’re probably spot on. Perhaps it is time to consider a new service provider to better meet your snow removal and property clan-up needs.

With East End Group, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our team is always prepared for storms and weather events – no matter how big. From top-of-the-line functioning equipment to a second-to-none team to regular communication with our clients, East End Group is always ready to handle any time of storm.

Contact East End Group at to learn more about how we can better take care of your property.