In our last post, we talked about East End Group’s core values. This set of guidelines remains front-of-mind in everything we do. It is a firmly held belief of our whole team that being part of the community means ‘stepping up’ when a crisis arises.

As we all known, the Covid-19 pandemic was a true crisis in every way. It impacted every member of our world community. During the crisis, East End Group took steps to not only protect our team, but to protect our community. On Long Island, home of our East End Group headquarters, stories began appearing in the news about insufficient PPE (personal protection equipment) available for healthcare workers and first responders. Most everyone found this news disturbing and a few proactive members of the community stepped in to make a difference. Ryan Dempsey, Managing Partner of East End Group, was one of those individuals.

A supplier reached out to Ryan, noting he had N95 masks at one of his warehouses in New Jersey. Once he made sure the offer was legitimate, Ryan purchased more than 26,000 N95 masks for those on the front lines of the pandemic. N95s were essential in battling the COVID-19 outbreak, as they are one of the most effective masks available.

With the help of the full team at East End Group, packages of N95s were hand delivered to health care workers all throughout the region. From outreach on Facebook to showing up at firehouses and hospitals throughout Long Island, the team at East End Group showed their true colors by delivering thousands of masks to those caring for patients. As supplies fell, Ryan and his team worked hard to identify, procure, and purchase additional supplies to deliver, knowing that much more would be needed to sustain healthcare workers and first responders until the supply chain caught up. During dangerous and frightening times, East End Group supported and uplifted our community.

Through actively participating in our community and helping those in moments of crisis, East End Group supports all who need it. We promise superior service, and often that service can be provided to a wonderful charity to or essential workers. Nothing we do is half-done, especially not our charity work. We work with integrity in both paid services and charitable work, doing what we can to give back to the community. Our local support is tremendous, and we believe in taking care of our neighborhood. We hope to provide everyone who needs a hand, the hand they need.

While the pandemic has subsided [but not ended], our team takes heart in knowing that they played a small, but meaningful part in supporting the work being done to help those who were battling Covid-19. We are grateful to our healthcare heroes and hope they know they are supported by the East End Group team. We hope another pandemic like the one we just went through never rears its head again. However, if a crisis does emerge, our team will jump into action to be a part of the solution.