Welcome to the East End Group! We are a fast-growing, multi-functional maintenance and construction provider specializing in snow removal, interior services, and exterior services. These three broad categories allow the East End Group to best bend and flex to fit your maintenance and construction needs. We have been providing these essential services for the last nine years, building long-lasting relationships with clients who, we are proud to say, are extremely satisfied with our results.

Our snow removal and management services are essential for businesses located in the Northeast. With dangerous winters, our expert fleet is equipped with two of the most advanced snow melters – the Trecan 135-PD – a.k.a. “the Beast,” and the Snow Dragon SND900. We are reachable by phone 24/7 to help you with any sized job. Large-scale snow removal is made easy with our fleet. To provide ease of mind, each of our vehicles has a GPS and documentation system installed, effectively cutting slip-and-fall claims in half.

Our interior services include general maintenance, heating, and air conditioning, electrical services (including repair and maintenance and power), and new installation.

The East End Group’s exterior services include landscaping, parking lot maintenance, site work and excavation, concrete and masonry, drainage, and cesspools. We believe East End Group is the best option for all these services because we act as a centralized company for all the necessary steps from initial design to repairs and upgrades. This alleviates the stress of organizing multiple contractors for a single project. Using us as your sole contractor will keep the project well-managed and easy.

One of the newer services offered is the installation of EV Charging Stations, perfect for those with electric cars. Government grants will often cover the majority of the installation cost as these stations encourage environmental healing and meet the needs of the many drivers opting for electric cars on the roads today. By installing EV charging stations at your place of business, a highly sought-after service, you not only increase your property’s value but also enhance your location’s Google search results.

The East End Group is not only dedicated to you, but to each other. We were recently ranked as one of the best places to work in 2022 by the Snow and Ice Management Association.  All of our employees share our core values, emphasizing integrity and providing the best service available. Our prices reflect our quality of service.

Stay up-to-date with our services, our work in the community, and how East End Group is growing into the premier general contracting and facilities maintenance firms in the region, the state, and throughout the country.